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Carpere currently manages more than 40,000 acres of agricultural and livestock land. Our family of farmers produces premium products that are sustainable, safe and nutritious.

We see the connection between food and the land, water and climate and work with our producers to apply innovative farming and progressive technologies that increase yields and output using sustainable practices. With careful stewardship of the world's richest land, we can create the world’s finest ingredients.


Carpere‘ is managing more than 10,000 acres of land within the Nipawin area. This farmland is ideal for planting hemp, canola, oats, wheat, barley, faba bean, and grass seed.

Carpere is working with local producers to farm approximately 20,000 acres of farmland in central Saskatchewan. Hemp, canola, cereal grains, quinoa and flaxseed are ideal for the area’s growing conditions.

Cattle Farm sits on 4,290 acres of land south of Regina. The farm is home to high-quality varieties of cattle. Surrounded by clean pasture and by applying modern farming practices, the herd is expanding through annual calving and acquisition. Our goal is to become one of the largest cattle farms over the next 5 years.


Great Fall Farm is an organic farm with 2300 acres of land located in the province of Manitoba. It offers excellent conditions for soybean, canola, corn and wheat.