Major Sectors

High-Tech Industries
& High Tech Business Incubators

Carpere believes innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit are keys to the future. We collaborate with Canadian research labs, Universities, Technical Schools and industry associations to apply state-of-the-art science and technology that spans genomics, productivity, fractionation, sustainability and leading edge technology that will contribute to a healthier world. Together, we will build curriculum, training and practical experience to prepare the workforce for new career opportunities.

To advance entrepreneurs and the commercialization of intellectual property, we are working with industry to create strategically located business incubators. Business incubators are designed to help startups with a simple consolidated solution for affordable office space, suitable laboratory space, administrative services, IT and telecom capabilities, networking opportunities, and mentors to guide them through the process.

The most vital role of an incubator is building connections with like-minded leaders to foster, support and finance the successful launch of new companies.

Carpere is leading discussions with academic institutions, local governments, and organizations interested in sponsoring economic growth through a business incubator model. Our areas of focus will include the agriculture, biological science, manufacturing, alternative energy, ecommerce and high tech sectors.