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Ingredients Fractionation
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Protein is essential for life.

As people become more health conscious and focused on the sustainability and environmental impacts of the food they eat, the demand for plant-based protein will escalate. Carpere is working with local and global companies to increase plant-based protein, starch and fiber production in the heart of Canada’s growing region.

Our approach spans the value chain. It begins with relationships with producers to grow and harvest cereal, pulse and oil crops as ingredients for production.

We are working with investors to design, build and operate industry-leading fractionation facilities to generate protein isolates and concentrate. Both wet and dry fractionation facilities will include high efficiency equipment to increase the quantity and quality of the byproducts. Fractionation of plant protein unleashes the potential of our agricultural resources and provides quality accessible sources of protein for consumers around the world.

Our team is collaborating with researchers, labs and partners, to create new innovative products to support a plant-based protein diet while utilizing the starch and fibers for food and feed additives.