Phase 01

Industrial Park
Tisdale, Sask

Park Features.

We are proud to announce the phase 1 development of our new industrial park located in Tisdale, Saskatchewan. Phase 1 will be built on 45 expansive acres with 50,000 square feet worth of industrial facilities. Development project will include a large welcoming area and over 15,000 square feet worth of office space to assist investors and partners alike in day to day operations.

The industrial park will be built on land that has been approved for industrial, commercial, and residential use with all supporting utilities required by any modern city build. This will include water, sewer, gas, telecommunications, and even terminal facilities nearby.

Remembering this is an industrial development we found it important to remain in close proximity to major railways and processing facilities. Continuing on this trend infrastructure will be designed with large commercial vehicles in mind including highway grade roads to easily accommodate all heavy volume transportation.

  • Project Date

    December 2019

  • SQFT


  • Surface

    45 Acres

  • Featuring

    A large welcome area,
    to invite our investors

Park Appeal.

  • Finest Farms

    Supplying your processing line with the world's most productive high quality crops from our own backyard.

  • Warehousing

    The park will include both warehousing options and distribution points.

  • Manufacturing

    Our manufacturing and processing will include value-added agriculture processing upon product assembly.

  • Logistics Services

    We will offer transportation and logistic services and if preferred will help you find the right service provider to accommodate your needs.

  • Export

    Within CP and CN’s service to lead the way from Park to Port Metro Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and Churchill which is a favorable access to European and African market, we will bridge the gap for high quality agricultural exports to every corner in the world.

  • Very Affordable

    The industrial park will be built on reasonably priced land while remaining competitive in its region.

Tisdale to Vancouver

Vancouver is ideally located for exports to Asia and especially China, with direct access to some of the best farmland in the world (Saskatchewan)

Vancouver to Shanghai
23 days
Baton Rouge to Shanghai
38 days
Santos Brazil to Shanghai
40.5 days
Melbourne to Shanghai
23.5 days