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Pre-Fabricated Steel
Design & Installation

In construction, time is money. Carpere believes clients should not have to compromise time, cost or quality to get the buildings they need when they need them. Using our advanced pre-fabricated steel solutions, we can deliver large scale projects faster and cost-effectively.

Pre-fabricated solutions are designed for each structure, built in advance and shipped to the site for assembly. Compared to conventional construction, installation time can be reduced up to 25% and generate 20% less waste. And because steel is stronger, it offers the long term benefit of reduced maintenance and repair.

From the initial design stage, the comprehensive engineering and detailing services take you from concept to architectural design. Our methodology is 80% front-loaded building your entire project, stud-by-stud, in a virtual space before it even reaches our manufacturing equipment.

Our services include:

  • Structural engineering and detailing
  • Certified designs ready for permit applications
  • Factory produced materials delivered to the site
  • Construction and installation
  • Pre-fabricated solutions are not just for commercial or industrial applications. We can take any house designed for wood framing and re-engineer it to use our steel system. Our system offers highly versatile design, fast, accurate and cost-efficient production and installation for single or multi-family homes within residential developments.

    Providing superior products, while consuming fewer resources and reducing construction risk protects what you value most – your investment, your business, your home.