Major Sectors

Value-Added Agri-food, Nutraceutical R&D
Processing, Production & Distribution

We provide fuel for a healthier future.

Carpere offers a broad range of products from snacks, beverages, value-added food and health-related products.

Food security and transparency are of great importance to us. Driven by our commitment to natural and healthy food, we source the finest ingredients from Canada’s vast agriculture resources. We use quality processing techniques to create products that are safe, nutritious and delicious.

Working with industry leading researchers and partners, we are expanding our own unique line of products to serve niche markets across North America, Asia and Europe. Our network of marketers and distributors provide market access through conventional and e-commerce channels. As our operation continues to grow, we will further develop innovation, production, packaging and export capabilities for new product offerings.

Carpere’s nutraceutical manufacturing creates high quality dietary and health supplements for consumers. Our research and development team is continually advancing existing products, exploring new applications for cutting edge ingredients and seeking formulations that address the changing market trends.

Our team’s capabilities extend to our clients and investors. From consultation services for manufacturing and food facilities through to brand development and test marketing, we are able to guide you from concept to execution.

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