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Su-Style Garden Design and Construction
Major Sectors

Suzhou Garden Landscape
Architecture and Construction

Our connection to the land reaches beyond agriculture. We believe that people benefit from a natural and harmonious attachment to nature.

Carpere is pleased to launch a classic Chinese garden design and construction service.

Occupying a unique and irreplaceable position in the history of world gardening, Suzhou Classical Gardens recreate miniature natural landscapes modelled from Chinese landscape gardening, architecture, culture, aesthetics, philosophy and folklore.

Suzhou’s classical gardens are renowned for their exquisite design and layout. Landscape and buildings are perfectly integrated to inspire great harmony between people and the environment. Our beautifully crafted designs incorporate local materials and greenery with traditional architecture and landscaping features. Highlighting the earth and water elements of life, we will create a one-of-a-kind artistic garden for personal or public enjoyment.